Updates for Daisy AI Trading:

The 6 month automatic performance fees will NOT be charged for the next 6 months, allowing maximum compounding for all members. The next performance fee charge will be reduced to 20%, with no change to the 15% going into the rewards plan. 

30% performance fee will apply on any withdraws prior to September 1st, and starting in September, that fee will be reduced to 20%.

For those wishing to exit D.ai.sy permanently and withdraw your total from live trading, a request form will be available in your back office this week. 

Lastly, while we have completed our targets for the Crowd Fund, and no new contributions can be made at this time, D.ai.sy members will continue to receive the same rewards of the live trading team in Forex. For those who were previously in the Crypto AI, please be sure to check your Forex reporting to see your live rewards, as funds were transferred from Crypto to Forex last year. As announced in Dubai, we are securing our own brokerage for maximum results, the Forex trading team that has created our amazing results since 2022 is continuing as normal, and once Endotech's AI has proven consistent results, and once our Crypto and Forex AI license are completed, we will make announcements about implementing Endotechs automated AI for Crypto, and possibly for Forex once we see it is fully ready.

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Limitless 2024 event | Dr. Anna Becker:

Most powerful private call for D.ai.sy members and details about March 1 announcements:

​​More clarification on the current situation ‼️
This relates to the DAISY fund. During the traditional global call on March 1st, several important clarifications were announced regarding the future operations of our community following the conclusion of the crowdfunding phase and until obtaining all necessary fund licenses. We will now clarify all points one by one.
1, Due to legal reasons, DAISY is compelled to suspend profit withdrawals until obtaining a license for the hedge fund.
On February 21, 2024, the project legally exited the crowdfunding phase (relevant documents were signed), during which capital management licenses were not required, and is now awaiting approval for a financial fund license. DAISY has already received approval for such a license; now they await the completion of all legal formalities, which may take 1 to 6 months.
Conducting profit withdrawals for participants in an unapproved fund status would constitute a violation, potentially resulting in the freezing of all managed funds and legal proceedings.
However, Forex trading continues, and all memebers can still view trading results in their personal accounts.
2, For those wishing to exit the project and withdraw their funds entirely, a corresponding form has been placed in the user profile section of the personal account.
Until March 8th, anyone interested may apply to withdraw their entire balance, including accrued profits, and terminate the contract. According to the rules, a 30% commission on profits will be deducted, while the trading amount will be refunded in full without commissions.
Note that exiting DAISY forfeits all privileges except Endotech shares, namely: receiving rewards from event pools, Achievers, Builders, Pacesetters, and Pacesetter Leaders. Returning to DAISY with the same wallet will also not be possible.
The DAISY team will process all applications within approximately one month, check wallets for breaches, and conduct owner identification procedures (KYC).
During this verification, funds of those who applied to exit DAISY will continue trading. Once the verification is completed, applicants will need to confirm their exit request, and withdrawal timelines will be announced.
3, onsidering the significant increase in wallet fraud and theft, particularly before our recent meeting in Dubai, and desiring to protect the financial assets of our partners, the DAISY team has also provided a form for those whose wallets have been compromised, which must be completed by March 8th.
While wallet breach situations have occurred before, though not as widespread, the project was in the crowdfunding stage, accepting new members, and lacked the technical capability for wallet replacement. In the future operations, DAISY/Limitless will provide protection against wallet breaches for all partners.
If any fraudster has already filled out any of these forms on your behalf, don't worry; contact us through your sponsors, and your situation will be addressed individually.
The new wallet specified in the form must NOT be a sub-account with the same seed phrase but must contain a different seed phrase (12 words).
If you have lost your 12 phrases or private key to the wallet and cannot access your account, a new form will be created outside the personal account for such cases.
4, ayouts from all pools are categorized as bonuses and thus are legal and continue to be paid. Builder and Achiever pool allocations for January, scheduled for early March, will be delayed as the participant database from the Dubai event has just been transferred to the technical department, requiring time for processing and qualification verification for pools.
The legal team is working diligently to obtain the license promptly and transition to a closed fund mode, where any amount can be withdrawn from the account, and the profit commission will be reduced to 20%, of which 15% will still be distributed across the network.

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D.AI.SY UPDATES 4/12/2024
- Update for those with Compromised Wallet
The final step for the compromised wallet identity verification is underway. Those who have compromised wallets will be contacted by our support team to setup a video call with their upline sponsor and pacesetter leader, to verify their identity and that they are the true original owner of the wallet.
Once the verification process is completed, compromised wallet addresses will be replaced with their new address. This is a one-time courtesy that we are doing, and will require a full migration into a new smart contract. We realize many members were new to the potential security risk of holding the keys to your own private wallet and have been victimized by scammers, and we are doing everything we can to help those members in the fastest way possible.
- Update for those Exiting D.ai.sy
For those who requested to exit D.ai.sy, your funds will be removed from trading in the next couple of weeks. Once the compromised wallet process is completed, we will begin to process the payouts. The software team is also completing the necessary upgrades on the backend to make sure that implementing exits doesn't affect the rest of the system.
Members who requested to exit but wish to cancel that request and continue, can now do so in the back office.
Members who have lost their wallet access (not compromised but lost) will also have until Monday the 15th to submit their request and begin their KYC process. Compromised wallets will be handled as 1st priority, then lost wallets will be addressed, so that we don't have any further delays on the exit requests.
- Fund License and Broker License Update
We have made great progress with both the brokerage license and the fund licence, and continue to move ahead of schedule. No definitive dates yet, but we are in the final stages and expect to be able to share some very exciting news in the near future. Completion of these licenses will allow us to resume withdrawals as normal, which of course also means the residual unilevel bonuses will resume as well. 
- Increased Performance and Brokerage Update
In the past 2 weeks we have tested the new brokerage platforms with larger position sizes and leverage. We have worked through the initial api glitches. You can see a small increase in the daily performance already, and we anticipate a continued gradual increase in performance this week, and the weeks to come. 
- 10M in Trading for Daisy/Uplift Token Holders
For those who participated in the Daisy/Uplift token, we announced at the end of last year that we placed 10m into trading for the purpose of reimbursing all participants. Reporting will be updated soon in the back office, and the amount continues to grow on a daily basis, now over 2.8M in profits.
- Endotech Update
Endotech is in the process of getting an updated valuation which will include the value of their IP for the Crypto AI. 2 of the last 3 months the system produced profitable trading, and additional improvements were made to correct the losing month. We will continue to monitor the results and development. As previously stated, no funds will be placed into the Endotech Crypto AI until the platform is fully ready, tested, and proven, and only after the Fund License is completed.
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