What's going on in Meta Force right now?

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What's going on in Meta Force right now?
Our team is preparing several projects for our Universe . A harvest time is approaching, when much of what we've been working on will finally come to fruition.
Royalty NFT
The smart contract is complete.
Our team performed the audit, the auditors made some recommendations, which have already been taken into account.
Now we are moving on to the interface connection and testing within the interface. We are testing the interface in anticipation of moving on to the interface connection stage.
Royalty NFT Launch Event
It's not just the presentation of the program but also the creativity, which is very important for our Community.
UniteVerse & IDO
We have prepared a smart contract for the pre-launch program. The smart contract of our Force coin is also ready.
The audit is completely done.
The programmers are now doing edits on the recommendations of the auditors.
NFT Classic
We formed a unique concept.
We're working on the design of the terms of reference. 
The Legal Side
Four companies have been opened for different areas of Meta Force.
Approval procedures have been completed, which makes the process of opening an account possible.
Today we received confirmation of the successful opening of Meta Force Space DMCC, a key company for us, whose specialization is the Metaverse.
Physical products
The necessary materials for the production of the first batch have been collected. Most likely, the first physical product will be exclusive cosmetics for healthy care.
A new concept for the matrix part of the programs is being developed.
• Setting up servers
• Creation of the city image and characters
• Formation of the first area of space
• Concepts of character clothing
• Pictures of landmarks and interiors
• Selection, redesign, and integration of assets for the city and apartments
• UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience design)
• HUD (Heads-Up Display) prototype
Upcoming updates to the site:
• Complete general information about Meta Force will appear (how Meta Force works, roadmap, media kit)
• Information about each product ("Classic" marketing, Royalty NFT, Metaverse description of how each product works)
• FAQ (answers to 8-10 frequently asked questions)
• Whitepaper (valuable information about the project for the target audience)
• Pitch Deck (Small presentation about the project: description, what it consists of, current state)
• Blog (2-4 articles for October about products, the project progress, innovations, and announcements).
• Wiki-library (a knowledge base for users, with descriptions of terms, products, and mechanics)
• Legend (a brief description of the world of the Metaverse)
• Ecosystem (an explanation of how Meta Force products interact)
Work with content:
Near-term expansion of social media - Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Discord
Distribution of mistakenly frozen funds:
(this only applies to the very first participants)
Updates - here: https://telegra.ph/Return-of-frozen-funds-09-28

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